• Diamant Boart

    Diamant Boart

    Diamond tools for stone industry: Diamond wire, Diamond blades, Gang saw blades, Milling tools, drills, etc.

  • Doctor Resin & Chemicals s.r.l.

    Doctor Resin & Chemicals s.r.l.

    Epoxy Resins for Stone Industry

  • FABER CHIMICA s.r.l.

    FABER CHIMICA s.r.l.

    Professional chemicals for treatment, maintenance and restoration of all masonry surfaces.

  • ITALMECC srl

    ITALMECC srl

    Equipment for stone workshops: Water treatment plants, filter-presses, dehydrators, Cabines and tables with dust purificators,

  • KGS Diamond

    KGS Diamond

    Diamond tools, machines and accessories: Flexible diamond grinding and polishing abrasives

  • KOVOBRASIV Mnisek spol. s.r.o.

    KOVOBRASIV Mnisek spol. s.r.o.

    Steel shot for granite gang saw machines.

  • Marmilame s.r.l.

    Marmilame s.r.l.

    Granite gang saw blades, Components for regulation of the abrasive mixture,

  • Marmoelettromeccanica s.r.l.

    Marmoelettromeccanica s.r.l.

    Machines and tools: Profiling milling and polishing tools for CNC working centers

  • Pellegrini Meccanica spa

    Pellegrini Meccanica spa

    Machines for natural stone quarrying and processing



    Full range of machines for stone processing: Granite gang saws, Marble gang saws

  • Steinex s.r.l

    Steinex s.r.l

    Machines for natural stone rough prcessing: Splitting machine, full range,



    Machines for stone processing: CNC working centers, multifunction machines, polishing machines, edge polishers.

  • Wheelabrator Allevard

    Wheelabrator Allevard

    Steel shot for granite gang saw machines.